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Hash YouTube Downloader 6.1

Hash YouTube Downloader is a YouTube.com video downloader

Hash YouTube Downloader is a YouTube.com video downloader. It allows you to grab videos from YouTube and save them into FLV files that you can then play offline using any video player. To tell the application which video you want to download, you have to copy and paste video's URL address.

You can add as many videos as you want to your downloading queue and they will download one after the other. This downloader didn't have any options that I could use to tell it what version of the video I wanted to download from YouTube. When I tested it, however, the video that was downloaded was of good enough quality.

In my testing, I added two videos to the download queue and started the process. For a few minutes, both videos' status was "Starting download", and it just sat there for a while. The next time I looked it was already downloading the video. Basically, you can watch a whole 5-minute video on YouTube.com before this application starts downloading the video. As I said before, the video played great once it downloaded and the actual downloading was fast enough. It is just that it takes a while for videos to start downloading.

José Fernández
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  • It works


  • It took a while for videos to start downloading
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